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Best Concierge Doctor In Jupiter 

Dr. Yael Vidal, MD MBA

One of the goals of Vidal Medical Concierge, led by Dr. Yael Vidal in her concierge practice in Juno Beach, is to remove or reduce bureaucratic barriers and logistic obstacles that sometimes separate between patients and their primary care physician, including barriers and obstacles of physician’s availability and limitations of scheduling visits which often characterize a walk-in clinic or a conventional practice of a busy internal medicine physician.  Routine office visits are included within the concierge enrollment, and provide to the patient an easy and efficient ability to directly access the Concierge Doctor, Yael Vidal MD, at the time that is convenient to the patient and in an unhurried setting that focuses on the full needs of the patient. 

At the Concierge medical practice of Dr. Yael Vidal, patients are enrolled on a yearly basis, rather than monthly or quarterly.  This enables the Concierge Doctor to provide to the patient a full year of dedicated service, which puts the patient first and strives to provide the best possible medical care to each patient.  Visits to the concierge practice of Yael Vidal MD are characterized by specifically tailored medical advice that is specific to each patient, taking into account the particular medical concerns and symptoms of each patient, her or his medical history, relevant laboratory tests or lab works, and other information provided by the patient to the concierge physician for the purpose of obtaining the best and most appropriate medical advice that is exactly what this patient needs.

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