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The concierge medical practice of Dr. Yael Vidal, located on Donald Ross Road in Juno Beach, provides to its enrolled patients a higher level of continuity of medical care.  The attentive physician is more accessible and available to her patients, with longer and non-hurried appointments that can be scheduled rapidly and easily, reducing patient stress and patient anxiety, and enabling Yael Vidal MD to direct her full focus and concentration to the medical needs of each and every patient.  Patients may thus be able to establish and maintain a continuity of care, seeing Dr. Vidal, a board-certified internist, year after year and establishing a fruitful relationship with their trusted physician and reliable primary care Concierge Doctor.

The medical concierge service of Dr. Yael Vidal allows patients to have direct and easy access to their trusted and reliable board-certified internist.  Same-day or next-day face-to-face appointments are typically available, as well as phone consultations as needed.  The yearly or annual physical examination is also included in the services provide by Vidal Medical Concierge.  Follow-up visits and follow-up phone consultations are easy to schedule and attend, and unrushed appointments and phone discussions allow thorough review of lab results and ample time for answering any question or concern by the concierge physician.  The office of Vidal Medical Concierge can typically perform on-site lab tests at the office itself, including blood draw and EKG tests, thereby further assisting patients and saving them an additional trip to an external testing facility.

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Vidal Medical Concierge

871 Donald Ross Road
Juno Beach, Florida 33408

Phone: 561-543-0808

Fax: 561-781-9507

Email: VidalConcierge@Yahoo.com

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This is the website of Vidal Concierge LLC, also known as Vidal Medical Concierge. It is managed by Dr. Yael Vidal, a Board-Certified internist who practices Concierge Medicine in her private medical office in Juno Beach, Florida. An experienced physician, Yael Vidal MD is an internal medicine doctor who treats patients living in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, and nearby areas of Palm Beach County.  If you are looking for a reliable internal medicine doctor or searching for a trustworthy Board Certified internist or primary care physician, you have come to the right place.