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Board Certified Concierge Internist in Juno Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter Area – Yael Vidal MD, MBA

Vidal Medical Concierge performs the annual physical examination for each enrolled patient.  The examination includes a full physical examination with vital signs, review of medications, review of entire medical history with past images, consultations and prior hospitalizations. Then Dr. Vidal will assess whether the medications are appropriate or need to be changed, and Dr. Vidal will address each medical conditions in depth and provide medical management for each condition.  Yael Vidal MD will also inquires if the patient has any new conditions they would like to discuss and address at the office visit. Typically, the annual medical exam at Vidal Medical Concierge will further include laboratory tests, EKG, urine test, as well as referring patients to do imaging tests and referrals to specialists if needed. Health maintenance is thoroughly reviewed at the annual physical examination and preventive medicine and heavily emphasized.

Dr Vidal at Vidal Medical Concierge typically spends 90 minutes to 2 hours with the patient at the annual physical exam, whereas most traditional offices will spend at most 30 minutes with a patient. 

Dr Yael Vidal, MD MBA is a leading concierge doctor in the Palm Beach Gardens, Juno Beach and Jupiter area. The office is conveniently located in Juno Beach along US-1, on the border of Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens.

Vidal Medical Concierge headed by Dr. Yael Vidal,  offers exceptional medical care to a small selected patient panel, with 24/7 care and around-the-clock availability.  Vidal Medical Concierge in Juno Beach, provides its patients with state of the art medical care by highly renowned concierge physician Dr. Yael Vidal.


If you are looking for a top concierge doctor in the Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, and Juno Beach area, please call us today for a complimentary Meet and Greet.

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