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Best Concierge Doctor in Palm Beach – Yael Vidal MD, MBA

At the concierge medical practice of Dr. Yael Vidal, the availability and accessibility of the concierge physician enables patients to obtain efficient, convenient, and personalized medical care that is tailored to the specific needs of each patient.  Patients know that Dr. Vidal is there for them, and are more likely to show up for their appointments and to follow the sound medical advice that they receive.  Patients regard Yael Vidal MD, their personal concierge physician, who is a board certified internal medicine doctor, as a trusted and reliable expert whose advice they respect and follow.  Indeed, research has shown that certain patients that have a dedicated primary care provider, such as a concierge doctor, manage their Diabetes conditions in an improved manner relative to patients that do not have such dedicated primary care provider.  The concierge practice of Dr. Yael Vidal enables patients to enjoy the benefits and advantages of such dedicated and personalized treatment.

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