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Benefits of a Concierge Doctor in Jupiter and Juno Beach

Dr. Yael Vidal MD, MBA

The small-scale nature of a Concierge medical practice enables the Concierge doctor, Yael Vidal MD, to allocate more time to each patient and to be highly accessible to patients.  The smaller panel of patients, and the absence of walk-in patient traffic, ensure that each enrolled patients receives maximum attention from the concierge physician.  Accordingly, Vidal Medical concierge is typically more accessible to its enrolled patients, relative to a conventional primary care practice in which a patient might sometimes need to wait a week or even two weeks for the next available appointment of the primary care physician.  Furthermore, the reduced number of patients, and the lack of walk-ins, enable Vidal Concierge to shorten the waiting time of a patient who comes to an office visit to the minimum or even to no waiting at all, with immediate face-to-face availability of the concierge internal medicine doctor during regular business hours, enabling same-day or next-day appointments to be easily scheduled and provided.  Similarly, the medical assistance personnel at Vidal Medical Concierge is less busy than similar personnel at a private practice that accepts walk-in patients, thereby enabling the medical assistant or nurse to have greater availability and immediate access to enrolled patients who require lab work and other diagnostic work.  The shorter waiting time and the increased accessibility of both Dr. Yael Vidal, the medical concierge doctor at Vidal Medical Concierge, and her medical stuff, contribute in turn to reducing stress or anxiety of patience, and further contribute to patient satisfaction.

Vidal Medical Concierge with Dr. Yael Vidal as the concierge physician, is located in the South Florida town of Juno Beach. Vidal Medical Concierge is conveniently located just a couple of miles from Jupiter Medical Center, and offers state of the art Medical Concierge services by well renowned Dr. Yael Vidal.

Exceptional medical attention is given to each patient of Dr. Yael Vidal at Vidal Medical Concierge, with personalized and compassionate care. Vidal Medical Concierge is conveniently located on the border of Jupiter,  Juno Beach, and Palm Beach Gardens.  Vidal Medical Concierge is easily accessible via US-1 in Juno Beach, or via Donald Ross Road coming from Palm Beach Gardens, or Jupiter.

If you are looking for one of the best concierge doctors in Juno Beach or Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens, call Dr. Vidal today for a complimentary Meet and Greet.

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