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Services Included in the Annual Membership

  • The annual membership fee depends on the medical complexity of the patient; and paid at the time of signing a contract.  Dr. Vidal and her staff provide comprehensive, immediate and efficient care for all your primary care needs which are included in the yearly membership fee.

  • Unhurried and extra long office visits, which start on time and last as long as needed.

  • 24/7 access to Dr. Vidal. Patients will have the direct cell phone number of Dr. Vidal for after-hours urgent medical needs.

  • Convenient same day or next day appointments that work around your schedule.

  • Lab tests done in the convenience of our office, including COVID-19 Antibody testing, COVID-19 Rapid Antigen testing and COVID-19 PCR testing.

  • Home visits available for an extra fee.

  • Comprehensive annual Executive physical exam, including risk-factor assessment and long-term preventive health care plan.

  • Direct phone and email consultations with Dr. Vidal.

  • Assistance with scheduling lab tests, imaging studies and sub-specialist appointments.

  • Timely refills on all prescriptions and referral services.

  • Coordinated care with your other doctors.

  • Access to the latest medical technology and best treatment methods.

  • Peace of Mind - most importantly, patients will enjoy an ongoing peace of mind, knowing that their trusted personal doctor is always available for them.

  • Health savings accounts and flex dollars may be applied to your annual fee. Your health insurance still covers prescriptions, hospitalizations, lab and radiology tests, and medical care from other doctors and specialists.

  • No more co-payments. No more incidental charges.

  • No more barriers and obstacles between you and your physician.

  • Call us today for a complimentary Meet and Greet with Dr. Yael Vidal

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