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Palm Beach Gardens Concierge Physician – Yael Vidal MD, MBA

In the unrushed setting of Concierge Medicine, the patients of Dr. Yael Vidal are able to receive personalized service and specific medical advice that is particularly tailored to each patient in view of her or his medical condition, symptoms, concerns, and health related goals.  An attentive approach is achieved since less patients are seen per day, thus allowing the concierge physician to provide full attention and focus to each patient who requests medical services.  The phone consultations and face-to-face office visits with Yael Vidal MD, at her private practice of Vidal Medical Concierge in Juno Beach, enjoy a setting in which trust is established and maintained and reliable medical help is just a phone call away.  Each and every medical issue can be covered in detail and at length, and no patient questions or concerns are left unanswered by Dr. Yael Vidal, a board certified internal medicine physician who puts quality of service as a top priority. 

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