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Palm Beach Gardens (PBG)

 Concierge Doctor – Yael Vidal MD, MBA

Vidal Concierge provides a medical concierge service, in which patients enroll in advance via an annual contract to have direct access to Dr. Yael Vidal, who is an experienced board-certified internist.  Vidal Medical Concierge does not accept walk ins; therefore, enrolled patients of the concierge medical practice can except, and can receive, increased availability of the concierge doctor to meet them face-to-face, to check them personally, to listen to their concerns, and to provide full details for the best possible medical care, in an elongated visit that does not suffer from the time constraints of a walk-in clinic.

Some of the benefits of being an enrolled patient of Vidal Medical Concierge in Juno Beach include the direct access to the mobile phone number of Dr. Yael Vidal, a board certified internal medicine physician.  Therefore, patients who live in Jupiter or Juno Beach North Palm Beach, as well as Palm Beach Gardens or Palm Beach, can directly contact Yael Vidal MD and can enjoy the peace-of-mind that such direct access may provide.

If you are seeking a top tier concierge physician in Jupiter or a fantastic concierge doctor in Juno Beach, call us today for a complimentary Meet and Greet with Dr. Vidal.  

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